Global Review: A Biannual Special Topics Journal alternates issues between the Humanities and Social Sciences with a focus on globalization, international relations, migration, world cultures & literatures, globalized economies, and other matters that move beyond a single national focus. Each peer-reviewed issue is guest-edited and relates to a single topic that explores the journal’s international focus. By alternating between the Humanities and Social Sciences, the journal invites interdisciplinarity and intra-cultural thought within single topic-focused issues.

Vol. 1, no. 1 (2013)
Archives & Networks of Modernism
Eds. James Gifford, James M. Clawson, & Fiona Tomkinson

Vol. 1., no. 2 (2014)
Teaching Business in the Global Century
Eds. Hermann Schwind, Constance Bygrave, & Özen Asik-Dizdar


Supplements are non peer-reviewed issues produced on an irregular basis, typically for proceedings of special events or symposia. They do not follow the normal enumeration of standard issues but carry the volume of their year of publication.

Vol. 1, suppl. 1 (2013)
Globalize, Identify, Transform
Eds. James Gifford, Özen Asik-Dizdar, & Constance Bygrave

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