Proposals for Special Issues

Global Review: A Biannual Special Topics Journal alternates issues between the Humanities and Social Sciences with a focus on globalization, international relations, migration, world cultures & literatures, globalized economies, and other matters that move beyond a single national focus. Each peer-reviewed issue is guest-edited and relates to a single topic that explores the journal’s international focus. By alternating between the Humanities and Social Sciences, the journal invites interdisciplinarity and intra-cultural thought within single topic-focused issues.

Proposals from guest editors are welcome and are vetted by the journal’s Editorial and Advisory boards. Guest Editors then issue a CFP for the specific topic and should plan on a minimum 16 month period between acceptance of the proposed special topics issue and its publication. Paper submissions should relate to special topics issues and be sent directly to the issue’s Guest Editor. If you are submitting an article, please use the CFP page and the submission form for the appropriate issue

Global Review is published through Fairleigh Dickinson University, Vancouver, an institution defined by its international perspective and global education. As a reflection of this shared starting point, Global Review both critiques and prepares for an increasingly globalized world.


Proposal to Edit a Special Issue

  • Please use the form below to propose a special issue (do not use this form to submit articles for an issue). Your proposal must include contact information and a detailed rationale for the issue. The proposal should include a draft abstract that will define the scope of the Call for Papers (approx. 300-500 words), a statement of the intended audience and scholarly purpose (are you making a specific intervention, adding to a trend, or returning to a debate?), and an indication of how the issue will contribute to the journal's over-arching purpose.


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