Vol. 1, no. 1 (2013) Archives & Networks of Modernism

Archives & Networks of Modernism PDF | ePubCover Image

Eds. James Gifford, James M. Clawson, & Fiona Tomkinson

PDF | ePub    James Gifford, James M. Clawson, & Fiona Tomkinson

‘Dead Catalogues’: Ezra Pound’s Guide to Kulchur & the Archival Consciousness of Modernism
PDF | ePub    Michael O’Driscoll

Response to Michael O’Driscoll
PDF | ePub    Stephen Ross

“Published by Us, Written by Us, Read by Us”: Little Magazine Networks
PDF | ePub    Celia Aijmer Rydsjö & AnnKatrin Jonsson

“Retrograde” Religions & the “Kooky” Occult—Uncharted Territories in Cultural Maps of Modernism: A Response
PDF | ePub    Nicholas Beauchesne

The Personal Landscape & New Apocalypse Networks: Philhellenic, Anarchist, & Surrealist Late Modernisms
PDF | ePub    James Gifford

Surrealists & Anarchists, Affinities & Resistances: A Response
PDF | ePub    Jesse Cohn

The Problem of Diplomacy in Lawrence Durrell’s Mountolive
PDF | ePub    Caroline Krzakowski

Subjective Diplomacy and Durrell: Response to Caroline Krzakowski
PDF | ePub    James M. Clawson

T.E. Hulme & the Beginnings of Imagism
PDF | ePub    Christos Hadjiyiannis

Ripples in Modernist Waters: The Poetics, Ethics, & Politics of T.E. Hulme’s Vision of Anti-Humanist Democracy
PDF | ePub    Sejal Sutaria

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